Himanshu Goel
Luxury interior decor

Himanshu Goel, a lifestyle designer, aspires to transform luxury lifestyle imaginations into reality through his fantabulous approach on vision & creativity. Designer contours a ”lavish lifestyle dream” by customizing and designing spaces & items to create extravagance in lifestyle of luxury romantics. His forte is to carry Client’s dream and weave the primary theme or element of consistency throughout the fabric of the project. The theme or element could be a color, texture, place, time or an idea; virtually anything that can be customized to suit the client’s requirement and present an uber luxury appeal through his designs.

Himanshu’s work reflects splendid designs and high-end spaces.

  • Has been supplying a unique collection of stylized and designed furniture globally for over six decades.
  • Introduced the best designs from across the world to India, designed by established on-board designers from Europe, the UK and the US.
  • Exclusive Export Products are available for the first time domestically at valuable prices to suit the Indian connoisseur’s pocket.

Lusso Mora

Lusso Mora is latin for ‘Luxury Interiors’. Founder and CEO, Himanshu Goel, targets to provide custom-made services to patrons who have a stout desire and an eye for luxury interior décor.

About The Brand

Interior décor & customized furniture designs are the brand’s specializations.

Lusso Mora’s code is to provide its patrons with collection of outstanding material, unmatched designs and a union of unique, rare, and durable material.
Our furnishing segment includes living Room pieces, sofas, fabric seating, leather seating, consoles, cabinets and an assortment of tables. The piece-de-résistance of this segment is the rare hand sculptured Cocktail Tables, though Reclaimed / Restored Furniture, Gold Leaf Furniture, German Silver Furniture, Pure Silver furniture, Industrial look Furniture, leather furniture and inlay furniture are not far behind in aesthetics and comfort.

Lusso Mora offers a comprehensive customized interior design proficiency beginning from concept theme designing through final completion of the luxurious project. We aim at comprising all the client’s preferences into a convenient financial bundle. Furniture, window dressings/curtains, wall designs, flooring, curios, objects-de-art, carpets, rugs, the works, all are covered in pocket appealing package.
What Lusso Mora asks: I understand that you desire Luxury and Elegance in your living standards. But is designing a mind-boggling strain for you? Feeling lost in the tremendously humongous world of luxurious tech and styles? Do not know what style to choose?
What Lusso Mora says: Do not worry because we have got a plan for you. We got you luxury beast! We guide you towards selecting the best layouts for your space and give shape to your wandering imaginations with the aid of our computerized visuals.
As Creativity Professionals in manufacturing & designing, we promise the range and application of our product to be virtually profound by bringing the best from the world to your personal or professional doorstep. You conjure, we will contour & create!

Pure leather trunks and coffee tables

Horns and antlers

Leather stand-alone bars


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