Interior Designer Chandigarh

Details are the difference between the good stuff and the great stuff.

At Lusso Mora we pay close attention to every tiny detail that makes each piece great. From fabric to trims, each stage is closely monitored by our team of experts to assure the best quality products for our clients. Its ...
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Redesign Your Home with Interior Designing

A house is a dream comes true for most of us. We live our lives inside a closed boundary;it’s where we spent all of our time. From morning rushes, evening talks and too comfy nights. A home is really the ...
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Interior Designer Lussomora

Contributions of an Interior Designer

Wikipedia defines Interior design as “the art and science of understanding people's behavior to create functional spaces within a building”. An interior designer is an expert who understands the space, discusses the requirement, plans the basic elements including lighting, wood ...
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Running to Delhi every weekend to pick out furniture can seem like mission impossible. 

  Who doesn't want their homes to be stylish and on trend? In today's fast paced lifestyle, our spaces need to be updated as fast as our wardrobes!  But it can be a daunting task! Especially for those of you ...
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Kids Lounge Setup

Present Interior Decoration Scenario in Chandigarh

One usually underestimates how important the appearance of a room is or the configuration of thing in it. An architect is like a chassis designer of a car. They build the framework. The architect decides the acoustics or determines the ...
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Interior Designer

Things to Consider While Choosing Services of Interior Designer

Everyone wants to decorate the home in modern and elegant way. These days, your home is not only a place to live but it is part of your personality and status. When it comes to enhance your lifestyle, it is ...
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